Dale Stuckenbruck 



discontinued to to Covid

was founded by Dale Stuckenbruck and Heawon Kim in 2005, under the sponsorship of Kenneth Klein, music director, and the New York Virtuosi's educational outreach program, to promote the craft of playing in chamber music and smaller ensembles where students concentrate on the "process" of learning style, within historically-informed traditions and the exploration of world music. It's incredibly unique programing has create unforgettable memories within the participants and its audience.

These two areas, among other areas of music, have been withheld from the education of students, especially at the pre-college level.  Even at the conservatory level students know very little about the music of our world,  or are willing to inform themselves of historical elements of playing, character and style. Such knowledge does not necessarily make you a great communicator of music, that is understood. Just as in violin making the knowledge gained from the old masters might enable a modern luthier to make a better violin, either for the modern ear or for those interested in it's historical sounds. Why not allow students to investigate these areas and decide their own their musical place in this world. The historical beauties and truths and our world cultures are infinitely inspiring. That is the least we can offer anyone wishing to find their voice.

Examples of programs can found below. If you are interested to participate. Please contact me. The Waldorf School of Garden City has been a most gracious home for this ensemble since its inception. We are most grateful for their generous support and belief in our mission. http://www.waldorfgarden.org